Nurse Accessories. Things Nurses Need For Work

Many factors come to play when it comes to providing patients with smooth nursing care. One of these factors is nurse accessories or nursing accessories. Nurse accessories are the basic things nurses need for work or the things nurses use during patient care delivery. These accessories are sometimes referred to as standard gear and equipment for nurses. 

With the right nursing tools and accessories or accessories for nurses, nurses are more organised during patient care delivery and this will, in turn, result in improvement in the out of patients care. For this reason, we have provided a list of some of the best nurse accessories that every nurse must-have. 

So, if you are looking for some great nursing tools and accessories to make your patient care delivery job easier, faster and smoother, then it’s good you landed on this page because you will be discovering some of the best and new nurses’ essentials.

Nurse Accessories

List And Detailed Description Of Some Great Nursing Accessories

There are different types of nurses and these different types of nurses may require different types of nursing accessories. However, there are some common nurses’ accessories that every nurse needs to make patient care delivery very sound and smooth.

1. The Ever Ready First Aid CPR Mask Combo Kit

The Ever Ready First Aid CPR Mask Combo Kit
Image credit: Ever Ready First Aid Store

When talking about patient care delivery, one of the most important procedures is CPR. With the right CPR accessories for CPR procedure  a dying patient may come back to life. This is why the first nursing tools and accessories on this list is the Ever Ready First Aid Adult and Infant CPR Mask Combo Kit which comes with two valves including a pair of gloves and alcohol pads.

Most often, cross-infection or contamination occurs during mouth to mouth resuscitation when there is no CPR equipment. To prevent such cross-infection or cross contaminations, it’s important to have nursing accessories like the Ever Ready First Aid Adult and Infant CPR Mask Combo kit. It’s designed to help provide effective resuscitation to both infants and adults.

Each combo kit contains both adult-sized and infant-sized masks, a detachable one-way valve, a pair of Alcohol Prep Pads and a pair of Nitrile Gloves. All these come in small a travel case for easy storage in first aid boxes and even in nurses bags.

The edges of the mask are air-cushioned designed. This provides a contoured edge around your victim or patient’s face during resuscitation. You are also protected from cross-infection during CPR by a 3M filter. With these nursing accessories, you can boldly say bye to blowback.

The alcohol Prep Pads which contains 70% alcohol and 30% water, and the nitrile gloves help prevent infection and keep you safe during the procedure. You will also be protected from communicable diseases that can be contracted when performing CPR by mouth. The great thing about this CPR combo kit is that it can be used for all ages.

The case comes with a durable handy clip that allows you to hook it onto your belt loops or backpack. It’s a must-have nursing accessory for every health care provider. Get yours now.

2. The ASA Techmed Nurse Pro Pack Pocket Organizer Pouch

The ASA Techmed Nurse Pro Pack Pocket Organizer Pouch
Image credit: ASA TECHMED

One of the best nursing organizer kits in the market today for organising nursing accessories is the ASA Techmed Nurse Pro Pack Pocket Organizer Pouch. Others called it the Hip Bag Medical Organizer Belt. The ASA Techmed Nurse Pro Pack Pocket Organizer Pouch comes with a zip pocket plus a press stud tape holder. The front is packed with pouch pockets. Situated at its back are additional pockets including a single belt that can be easily adjusted.

It’s made with durable but lightweight material that are washable. With this nursing organizer kit, you can easily access all your nursing tools and accessories when the need arises. Yes, the kit comes with most of the nursing accessories every nurse need. These include a retractable body measuring tape or a nursing tape holder, a lister bandage scissors, Syringe Pen, an EMT Trauma Shears, a Straight Tissue Forceps Tweezers, a  Scrub Nurse Watch, CPR Mask and many more.

The ASA Techmed organiser kit comes with a 30 days warranty. So you have nothing to lose but a lot to with this cool nursing gear. It’s a complete nursing organizer kit designed for nurses, health aids, student nurses, CNAs PAs including medical assistants.

3. Nurse Fuel Retractable Badge Clip

Nurse Fuel Retractable Badge Clip
Image credit: Limeloot

We can’t talk about nursing accessories without mentioning badge clips for nurses. When it come to badge clips, Nurse Fuel Retractable Badge Reel can not be left out.

These badge clips for nurses are made with Swing Clip and a 36 inches Cord. The swing clip is free from twisting back and it’s a non-Serrated Clip, this help to keep the nurse badge reel well positioned all the time 

Been made with Mylar material, this badge clip is easy to clean to make it look great and neat for years. The design of this nursing badge clip is great and fun, but the quality is taken seriously as it made with high-quality and durable ABS plastic material. 

The cord on this badge is made with about 36 inches long nylon when extended, this allows you to easily reach your badge for ID scanners. This nurses badge is an excellent nursing uniforms accessories for nursing Staffs, not only is it for staff nurses but also a must-have essential for nursing school. 

It is very perfect for all professionals or workplaces where great quality and fashionable badge holder is needed.

4. Trunab Stethoscope Case with Inner Divider

Trunab Stethoscope Case with Inner Divider
Image credit: Trunab

Every nurse uses a stethoscope, but how do you keep your stethoscope safe and clean? It’s with the help of a stethoscope case. With stethoscope case, I mean the Trunab Stethoscope Case that is designed with an inner divider for the proper keeping of different types of stethoscopes.

This stethoscope case is designed with enough space for other nursing accessories like nurses’ penlight, reflex hammer, thermometer, scissors, etc. It comes with a firm cute handle that allows you to easily carry it and move around. However, due to its portability, you packed it into your nursing bags for work or  when going to school.

The stethoscope case has two compartments; the stethoscope compartment and the nursing accessories compartment. The accessories compartment is designed with elastic loops and bottom slots to accommodate thermometer, reflex hammer, penlight, etc. The cover comes with a fasting strip that secures your stethoscope in its compartment.

The outer of this portable stethoscope case is made with durable nylon with a solid padded velvet lining and double zip-pulls, this protects the content of the case from damage by absorbing any impact caused by falls or bumps

Bear in mind that this stethoscope case is just a storage bag for a stethoscope with no nursing accessories. However, it is a great gift for nursing students including nurses and doctors to keep their stethoscope and other nursing accessories safe.

5. The Utilimedic Sanitizer For Cell Phone

The Utilimedic Sanitizer For Cell Phone
Image credit: Utilimedic

Hospital or health care settings are home to bacteria and viruses. Study revealed that most health care workers like nurses get their mobile and other nurses gadgets infected with disease-causing bacteria and viruses all the time in the hospital. And since it is difficult to do away with using a mobile phone on duty, one of the best ways to keep your phone free of infectious bacteria and viruses is by sanitation.

And this is where The Utilimedic UV8LED Phone Sanitizer comes to play. This phone sanitizer is designed with 8 UV-C that produces about 5mW per LED with 170 degrees dispersion that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria including viruses of all kinds with five minutes.

The Utilimedic UV8LED Phone Sanitizer comes with an inner room with four in-built UV-C transparent bumpers for lifting the phone so that the bottom of the phone can be fully exposed for the eight UV-C LED lights to cover every surface for total sanitation or disinfection.

The UV8LED is designed with an in-built wireless phone charger. The wireless phone charger is situated at the top surface of the device. So, not only will The UV8LED kills bacteria and viruses on your phone, but it also charges the phone via direct USB while sanitising it.

With this device, you can be sure that you are not carrying any bacteria or viruses with your phone from work to the house.

There is one year warranty with excellent customer service for the device. It’s a must-have for all nurses and other health care professionals. It can also be presented a gift for the nurses’ station, so don’t hesitate to get one for your nurses’ station. 

For cool gadgets for nurses as well as a gift for nurses station, consider The Utilimedic UV8LED Phone Sanitizer.


So, there you have the list of our well-selected nursing accessories. All is up to you to go for the one you want.  So go ahead and do that now.

Have a great shopping experience.


Written by
Albright McHeals