Tabitha Cumpian

Tabitha Cumpian is a registered nurse with a passion for education. She completed her BSN at Edgewood College Nursing School and her MSN with an emphasis in Nursing Education at Herzing University. She has a vast clinical background from years of traveling the United States providing nursing care. The majority of her time has been spent in cardiovascular care. She loves educating others in her field, as well as, patients and their family members through healthcare writing.

Nurses’ Nails

Nurses’ Nails

It’s your first clinical or job as a nurse and you just had a beautiful manicure done a few days prior. Now what? Can nurses wear nail polish? Can nurses wear acrylic nails? What is the appropriate of length of nails for nurses? Likewise, can nurses...

Why Are Hospitals Cold

Why Are Hospitals Cold?

You go to visit your family member in the hospital or you yourself are being wheeled into the operating room for a procedure and your first thought is “Burr!! Is it just me or is it cold in here?!” Don’t worry you are not alone in thinking this...

Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs

Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs?

The field of nursing is very diverse from acute care in the hospital setting to outpatient clinics, and over the years the nursing uniform and registered nurse dress code has changed considerably. Although some nurses in outpatient clinics may wear...

Nursing Chain Of Command

Nursing Chain Of Command

The daily routine of a nurse can be quite complex, to say the least. Sometimes the nurse may have a smooth sailing day, while other times, the nurse may be faced with many challenges. So, when the nurse faces these challenges who does she turn to...