Failing Nursing School Career Options

This article is all about Failing Nursing School Career Options; what to do when you fail nursing school.

Many people have been denied admission to study nursing as their dream career. Some, on the other hand, were fortunate to be given admission to study nursing as their dream career but they were not fortunate enough to complete the nursing school successfully. They got kicked out of school for some reasons.

Failing nursing school or being kicked out of a nursing school may happen to any student because of many reasons. It can be as a result of failure to prioritise, some health challenges, financial problems etc., etc. For some people, it’s just not the ideal time for them to sail through nursing school successfully.

I don’t know why you are spending your precious time reading this article, maybe you have failed nursing school or you have been dismissed from nursing school or you have dropped out of nursing school and you are looking for a way out.

Whatever may be the cause of your failure, you don’t have to give up on life after failing nursing school because there is a way out. Don’t be hard on yourself. Failing nursing school does not mean you are useless and hopeless or you have come to the end of your life. 

So, if nursing is something you still desire, then consider the options below.

Failing Nursing School Career Options

What To Do After Failing Nursing School

Failing nursing school can make your life very miserable but if you can be strong and put yourself together, you will realise that there are options after failing nursing school. So, get up and be strong because I want to share a few options with you that I would like you to consider.

Find out What Is The Cause Of Your Failure

There are a lot of things that may precipitate your failure in nursing school. This is to help you know the area you have failed in. Nursing is involves learning a lot of subject within a short period of time. So you have to put in much effort and also seek for help. Failing to seek for help may lead to struggling in nursing school and resultant failure.

So your first line of action after you flunked out of school is to find out what is the cause. Maybe is one or two of the subjects that you have not invest much time in. When you succeeded in finding out which area you have not done well, you can then develop a learning curve like hiring the services of a tutor in your college.

Find Out If There Is Option For Resitting

You are not the first person to encounter failure in nursing school. I was a victim too. In my first semester, I failed in Anatomy And Physiology because I have spent almost half of the semester the on sick bed and I also don’t have access to the best anatomy and physiology textbooks by then. After discharge, I have less time but a whole lot to learn. So, I ended up failing anatomy and physiology that semester.

But because my college has options for resitting, I have put myself together, get some of the best Anatomy And Physiology Textbooks from my colleagues, study them and retake the exam and pass successfully.

So, you see, it’s not over. Your college might have a resit option for students who have failed a subject or two. So find out if there is anything like a resit option for in your college, then, go ahead to seek help from your friends who are smart and intelligent in the subject(s) you have failed in. If you have money, you can also hire the service of the course tutor to help you sail through. Trust me, passing is not beyond possible. You can do it because I was able to do it. But keep it in mind that the hardest part of nursing school or the hardest semester of nursing is the first and last semester so you have to put in much effort in these semesters.

Choose Another Path That Make You A Registered Nurse

If you have try the option above and you are not successfully, but going back to nursing school is still what you want and you are thinking of how to retake prerequisite for nursing school, then I will advise you take a different path.

The truth is there is another path that most nursing school dropped outs who still want to become a registered nurse don’t know so they end up giving up on their pursuit. But that will not be your case because you are reading this article. 

By now, you may be asking yourself what path am I talking about? I’m talking about online nursing degree programs. Excelsior is one of the school you can attend to obtain your degree. My younger sister chose this path after she failed nursing school twice in the US. With Excelsior, she was able to obtain her degree and passed NCLEX on her first attempt.

But I must be honest with you, she told me taking this path requires more discipline and hard work. But I believe my little sister can do it, you can do it too. So before you give up on your dream of becoming a professional nurse, do consider this option.

Apply Or Choose A New Career

Here is my final option for you, apply for a new career if all the options above doesn’t work for you. If your passion is still to take care of people, you can apply for courses like respiratory therapy, orthopaedic therapy etc.

Bear in mind that more prerequisites are required for any other options. So if you think passing nursing school is just for you, then go for Respiratory therapy. You don’t need additional prerequisites for this. But you have to understand that it is one semester longer than the semester in studying registered nursing. And also, the pay is a bit less than that of an RN.


Let me wrapped up by thinking for you. You might be thinking “Let me choose LPN to help me prepare before going back to nursing school again!” Don’t try that. Just choose a career path that you can have an upper hand over and succeed in,  instead of a career that will prepare you for a different career

One more thing, try to make your home a stable home because stay home is a stay life. Take this advice seriously because one common reason why some nursing students failed nursing school is because of unstable life secondary to an unstable home. This may include divorce, family illness, pregnancy etc.,… All these can cause your failure. So, to ensure that failure is prevented from any career you go for, get these things right before you start school again.

I will also advise you not to be working while schooling even though is not a good idea but it will give you enough time to concentrate on your studies.

Good Luck!

Written by
Albright McHeals