What Is The Best Vein Finder. Vein Finders For Nurses

Intravenous cannulation, also known as Peripheral intravenous catheterization is a procedure nurses perform every day on their patients. The procedure involves finding of patient’s vein and introducing a cannula into it. So, in this article, we will be looking at the best vein finders to shall fall on to get this procedure done without going through any headache.

Peripheral Intravenous catheterization is the technique of finding a vein and introducing a cannula into it for administration intravenous infusions, intravenous medications, blood transfusion, the taking of blood samples, etc.  

The procedure can be very tricky and difficult in some patients, these may include old age patients, dehydrated patients, premature babies, patients who have bleached their skin (very common in Africa) obesity patients, and people with dark skin.  

The veins of most of these people are very difficult to get, specifically in the case of premature babies. As a result, the nurse has to conduct many needle pricks in a search for a vein. These multiple pricks leave the patient in several degrees of pain and also cause delay of treatment which may lead to frustration of nurses and the whole medical team including patients’ relatives especially if the patient’s condition is getting out of hand. 

Considering the harm caused by the difficulty in finding a patient’s vein and paying more attention to Intravenous cannulation as part of patient treatment, several devices have been developed to make vein finding less problematic. 

These tools or devices come in different types with similar functionalities and are generally called vein finders.

Our Top 6 Best Vein Finders For Nurses

  1. Yixoo Vein Finder
  2. Veinlite LEDX
  3. Venoscope Transilluminator
  4. PULEE Infrared Vein Finder
  5. VINO OPTICS Vein Finder Glasses
  6. Elited Vein Finder
Best Vein Finder

So, What Are Vein Finders?

As the name goes, Vein Finders are portable devices or tools use by nurses and other health professionals for easy finding and securing of patient’s vein. In other words, they help to cut down the amount of time spent during intravenous cannulation. These devices do not only cut down the amount of time spent during intravenous cannulation but also reduce the number of needle pricks and was waste of cannula. 

Basically, there are two types of vein finders for nurses and other health professionals: Passive vein finders and Active vein finders. They two provide the same function; thus, making the vein of your patients more visible for you to access with just one prick. So, it all depends on what type you want.  

  • Passive Vein finders: passive vein finders are designed with some special type lenses that create the medium for the user to clearly see the veins. Most of them come in a form of wearable sunglasses, this means you have to wear this type of vein finder like sunglasses. This type does not require any power source to function. It’s advisable to be under a bright light to see the veins more accurately. Passive vein finders are also very portable and easy to carry around. One advantage of having this type of vein finder is that you don’t have anything to worry about when there’s outage of power. This vein find can help in times of emergency. 
  • Active Vein Finders: Active vein finders also known as infrared vein finders are designed or made with infrared light. Unlike passive vein finders, they need a source of power to function. These sources of power can be a battery or electricity. It’s also advisable that you use these type of vein finders in a dark room or area, this will make the spotting of the vein very easy. They are the most preferred types of vein finders and has become a major tool for many health professionals and this has led to the development of different types of active vein finder such as the laser vein finder, the IV vein finder, the smart vein finders, etc. 
  • Advanced Vein Finders: There is also a more advanced type of active vein finders called ultrasound vein finder or ultraviolet vein finders. They are described as ‘’advanced’’ because they are designed to help the user to see deep tissues and organs in addition to revealing veins. They are the most expensive types of active vein finders.

How do Vein Finders Work?

Almost all Vein Finders operates with the help of infrared light. During peripheral vein cannulation, the device is switched on and directed towards or held above the area of the body where the procedure is to be done. The infrared light then travels through the skin to the veins, the haemoglobin part of the blood in the vein absorbs the infrared light, which causes the veins to become more prominent for easy cannulation. This type functions properly in dim areas. 

For passive vein finders like the sunglasses, they function by changing the colour of the light seen by the eye during the procedure, making the vein more visible to cannulate. This type of work well in bright light. 

Let’s now look at some the best vein finders for nurses:

1. Yixoo Vein Finder

Yixoo Vein Finder
Image credit: Yixoo


Yixoo vein finder also known as phlebotomy vein finder is a handheld vein trans-illuminator that many nurses trusted. It’s designed with a LED light that provides high vein visibility at the back of the palm. Very suitable for vein finding in babies and children. This device is a rechargeable blood vein finder, so doesn’t need a battery to operate. This device shows veins clearer in a dim environment.


  • Adjustable illuminating button
  • Rotary Switch at the end of the right side of the product
  • LED lights
  • Golden Aluminium material


  • Very portable
  • Made with durable material
  • Looks modern


  • Cannot be used when there is a power outage because it does not use battery

When it comes to paediatric vein finder, the Yixoo vein finder is one of the best. it helps nurses find the vein in the hands of babies.

2. Veinlite LEDX

Veinlite LEDX
Image credit: VeinLite


Veinlite LED X-Transilluminator Vein Finder is one of the few trusted vein finders by many health professionals. This vein finder provides clearer vein visibility during peripheral vein cannulation. It also increases the viewing of varicose and spider veins, hence, serves as one of the best tools during sclerotherapy according to its manufacturers. 


  • Made with red LED light
  • Round interface
  • Lithium-ion batteries


  • One year money-back guarantee
  • Work well in a dark room
  • Very simple to use
  • Very portable


  • Not good for skin people

For the best vein finder that provides clearer vein visibility during peripheral vein calculation, we recommend Veinlite LEDX.

3. Venoscope Transilluminator

Venoscope Transilluminator
Image credit: Venoscope


Venoscope vein finders are regarded as one of the best paediatric veins fonder. It is a well-designed portable Transilluminator device for easy identification of non-visible peripheral veins in patients, especially babies, obese patients, and dark skin patients. This handheld vein finder uses dual-wavelength high intensity LED lights to make the invisible veins more visit for easy access, hence, limiting the number of the pricking patient. The device operates on 3 AA alkaline batteries with a low battery alerting light. 


  • Dual intensity LED light
  • 3 AA alkaline batteries
  • Velstretch Straps


  • Best for babies
  • Very suitable for new-born babies
  • Reduce the number of pricks during peripheral vein cannulation


  • Not chargeable

This vein detector device is the best if you are looking for a peripheral vein finder for easy vein access in neonates and dark skin adult patients.

4. PULEE Infrared Vein Finder

PULEE Infrared Vein Finder
Image credit: UMTEC


This is a non-contact vein finding technology designed to make accessing a peripheral vein for cannulation very easy. This vein detecting device can easily detect veins through the transmission of a LED light. It’s described by many real-time users as a portable phlebotomy vein finder. Its high illuminating and visualizing light make it one of the best when it comes to vein locating device. It does not only provide illumination for a vein but also subcutaneous tissues. 


  • High transmission LED red light
  • Two imaging modes
  • Image performance optimizer
  • Adjustable brightness


  • Handheld portable
  • High quality
  • High illuminating LED light
  • Come with 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • 90 days money-back guarantee


  • It’s expensive

This vein finding machine is a strong portable vein finder with two different imaging modes that provide clear vein visualization.

5. VINO OPTICS Vein Finder Glasses

VINO OPTICS Vein Finder Glasses
Image credit: VINO / O2Amp


VINO OPTIC’s Vein Finder is a passive vein finding glass designed by scientists from Caltech and Princeton to make vein under adipose tissues more visible and at the same time serve as an eye protector. Vino optic is made to speed up and make accessing of patient’s veins easier for health care professionals. This device highlights vein visibility perception of veins and oxygenation. When put on, it makes Veins appear fluorescent. 

This vein finding glass is not only meant for vein finding, it also serves as a protective eyeglass that enhances sight health. 


  • Fiberglass
  • Medical-Protective-Eyewear
  • Protective eyeglass
  • White illumination
  • Comfortable frame


  • Function as an eye protector
  • Look fashionable and modern
  • Need no power source to operate
  • UV protection
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot be share with other co-workers

It’s the best 2 in 1 passive vein finder. If you are looking for a vein finder that can also serve as an eye protector, then, you are at the right place.

6. Elited Vein Finder

Elited Vein Finder
Image credit: Elited


This vein finder is an advanced vein finding machine designed for finding a vein for both adults & Babies. It’s is an FDA registered device. This device provides illumination that projects Vein Visualization for IV and phlebotomy more easily. It has an advanced vein detection mode that differentiates it from other brands 

With its advanced vein illumination mode, health professionals can easily observe the depth of veins and perform their procedures even when the veins are not in good condition. 

As an advanced technological device, it makes the vein very visible. It comes with default working modes that include, the Basic mode, the Greenlight mode, Paediatrics with Adjustable brightness.  


  • Three different mode
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Infrared wavelength
  • Optimal imaging distance
  • Image resolution
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery


  • High quality
  • Multiple modes
  • Good for both children and adults and type of skin colour


  • Very expensive

Looking for an ultraviolet vein finder or vein mapper device that can provide excellent vein visibility, their position, trend, and branches? Then spend the money on this vein finding machine.

 What To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Vein Fonder

Before you pull out your credit card to buy anything online, there are things you must first consider or look out for. It the same with vein finder. So, you will below some factors to consider when buying a vein finder. 

How Portable Is The Fein Finder: Not all vein finders can be carried around easily. So, if a nurse working in a hospital or you are a home care nurse, you should consider buying a vein finder you can easily carry on you. If you run through our choice of vein finder above, you realize that almost all of them are handheld portable vein finders. So, you are good to go with any of them as far as portability is concerned. 

The Type Or Group Of Patients: As stated already, some vein finder will not work on dark skin. Some are meant specially for babies and obese patients. So, bear in mind the type of patient you will be using your vein finder for during your purchase. 

Is The Vein Finder Easy To Use: Ask yourself, if the vein finder you are going to buying can be easily operated? This is important because the main reason for buying a vein finder is to ensure that minimum time is spent during peripheral vein cannulation. 

Type And Source Of Power: We have two types of vein finders; passive and active. If you living in a remote area where access to electricity or battery, you might want to go for the passive type of finder finders. 

Pricing: Vein finders come at different prices, so how much do have on you? Answer this question before you make a move.

Now you have enough information at your disposal, so go ahead and make a purchase.

If you have used any of the above-listed vein finders before or using it now, please do well to share your experience with us. We will love to hear from real-time users.


Written by
Albright McHeals