5 Best Trauma Shears Or Medical Scissors for Nurses

Having worked in the emergency department for more than half a decay, one important nursing tools or nursing essential that has been of so much help to me and many other nurses in the emergency room is trauma shears, also known as medical scissors or badges scissors in many health settings. They are very important tools every health care professional must-have. So in this article, we will be providing you with a review for some of the best trauma shears; medical scissors for nurses on the market today.

If you are a nurse or a student then, I’m pretty sure you already know much about trauma shears or medical scissors. But for the seek of those who are looking forward to diving into nursing and doesn’t know what trauma shears, let me briefly share with you what trauma shears or nursing scissors are, their importance and why you must have one as a nurse of a nursing student.

Best Trauma Shears

Brief Note On Trauma Shears

If you have seen ordinary scissor before, then you already have a fair idea of what trauma shears look like. That said, they are modified with many features that distinguished them from the normal scissors you know. They are a type of scissors that are mainly used by health care professionals and other medical emergency professionals to safely, quickly and smoothly cut off cloth from people who are injured. For examples, people who are involved in a road traffic accident. 

Almost all trauma shears are made with an offset metallic blade which is serrated or semi serrated and with a more long “lever arm” which usually bent at an angle of 130 to 150 degrees. The above features differentiated them look from normal scissors. Also, their handles are mostly made with plastic materials.

Uses Of Trauma Shears

Trauma shears or nurses scissors are designed purposely for external use only. That’s for cutting through tough materials including bandages. Their offset blades and serrated or semi serrated blades and their plastic handles make them very smart and sharp when it comes to cutting through very hard materials like jeans and other tough fabric materials. Also, their wide designed blunted safety tips helps in easy sliding across skin with less risk of harming the patient whiles cutting through patient’s clothing or close skin bandages.

So, now that you know what trauma shears are, they’re features; what makes them different from ordinary scissors and their uses, let’s quickly dive into some of the best trauma shears for nurses, nursing students and other health care professionals, especially for those who work in accidents and emergency room.

Top 5 Best Trauma Shears for Nurses

1. XSHEAR Extreme Duty Trauma Shears

XSHEAR Extreme Duty Trauma Shears
Image credit: Xshear

The XSHEAR extreme duty trauma shear has made its way to the number one on our list of the best trauma shears for nurses because is one of the best heavy-duty trauma shears on the market today that any nurse or health care professional can boost of.

This medical shear is very different from others on the market today because it is made with non-brittle super-tough stainless steel. It’s stainless steel blades are extremely strong and is two times the thickness of most of the nurses’ scissors you will find on the market today.

At the centre of this strong emergency response shear is an easy rotating bolt that can not loose nor get disconnected. To decrease the risk of injuring the patient, XSHEAR Extreme Duty Trauma Shear is designed with a blunt tip and a curved body. It’s handle is made with a soft but tough plastic material that provides the nurse with comfort


  • Soft tough plastic handle
  • Rotating bolt that hold the two arms together
  • Curved body


  • Made with quality materials
  • Very durable


  • It’s heavy

This is a must have trauma shear for every health professionals, especially those who are working in the accident and emergency room.

2. ADC Medicut Nurse Shears

ADC Medicut Nurse Shears
Image credit: ADC

The ADC’s Medicut nurse shears is another high quality trauma shear that is produced by one of  the world’s most famous and best-selling brand of medical shears. ABC’s medical shears are designed with very sharp razors that are supper hard and with high-quality brittle-free stainless steel with a handle that is made with polypropylene.

This cute bandage scissors for nurses come in two different sizes: a big size that measures about seven and half centimetres in length and a mini size that measures about five and half centimetres in length.

ADC’s Medicut Nurse Shears is designed with tempered blades that are very tough and hard, contributing to the durability and the quality of this medical shear. Also is powerful rivet that holds the two blades together.

On this medical safety scissors is a stainless-steel safety bandage tip on the bigger size. The Mini size, however, comes with a polypropylene safety bandage tip that shares the same colour with the handle.

Also, Medicut and Mini-Medicut shears come in different colours. So you have a lot of colours to choose from. However, if you are uncertain about the colours, do well to go through the product listing using different devices to be certain about the colours placing your order.


  • Comes in two different sizes to choose from
  • Sharp and tough blades
  • Safety bandage tips on the bigger size
  • A polypropylene safety bandage tip on the mini size


  • Light and easy to carry
  • Can be fully autoclaved at a temperature of 143 degrees Celsius
  • Different size to choose from
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Affordable price


  • The Medicut may be too large for some people

If you are a lover of colours, and also want trauma shears with different sizes that you can easily be autoclave after use, then, stop reading this review and click on the link below to Amazon and get either Medicut or the Mini-Medicut nurses shears for yourself. You will love it.

Note: If you receive a Medicut scissors that’s doesn’t have the safety tip as described above, then it’s not a genuine ADC product.

3. Pattern Lister Bandage Scissors

Pattern Lister Bandage Scissors
Image credit: A2Z SCILAB

If it were possible to put two trauma shears together at number one or two on this list, The Pattern Lister Bandage Scissors would have shared the same position with The XSHEAR extreme duty trauma shear or The ADC Medicut nurse shears above.

The pattern Lister bandage scissors are one of the best medical bandage scissors for emergency nurses and other health professionals.

The stainless steel material used in manufacturing this amazing trauma shear is of very high quality, hence resistance to rusting and sticking. The stainless steel also contributes to the high quality and the durability rate of this scissors.

It’s has a fantastic handle that is ergonomically designed to provide the user with comfort- this ergonomic handle also makes the scissors very easy to operate. 

For the seek of patient’s safety, Pattern Lister Bandage Scissors are designed blunted tip that can easily be slid under patients cloth or bandage for fast and easy cutting.


  • A well designed ergonomic handle
  • Tough, rusting resistance body
  • Blunt tip for patients safety


  • Very cheap
  • Very durable
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel


  • May look too large for some people as it is about 14 centimetres long

If you are looking for quality, sharpness and durability, go for this bandage scissors. It has been tested and proven to withstand time, pressure and temperature. It’s one of the best for removal of clothing from trauma patients.


Image credit: Magnum

If you are a fun of small trauma shears like me, then this mighty tiny trauma shears may be the best nurses scissors for you. I have two of those tiny thing, one in my First Aid box at home and one is always on me at work. This tiny EMT shear is only four centimetres long and it amazing how it can cut through thick and tough materials easily.

 It is made with stainless steel that is of the same quality as in the case of Pattern Lister Bandage Scissors; very resistance to rusting. The blades of little mighty EMT scissors is heavy and compact. It’s plastic handles are fitted and doesn’t jiggle

From my personal experience, this is one of the best mini trauma shears you can carry on you to anywhere without knowing you are carry anything on you. Cutting through tough and thick clothing is the main hobby of this cute emergency bandage scissors.

Note: The size is very small so be careful and read the length. And it will very difficult for a normal handed person to use them with any difficulty. Also, be aware that due to the size of this shears, they can get stolen from you easily, so avoid borrowing it to colleagues.


  • Sharp powerful blade
  • Compact body


  • Very cheap
  • Very potable and cute


  • Very small in size

Looking for some cute and easy to carry around mini trauma shears, then click on the button below and get one or two of this straight forward.

5. North American Rescue Trauma Shear

North American Rescue Trauma Shear
Image credit: North American Rescue

The North American rescue trauma shear is one of the best tactical trauma shears that has made its way on our list of the best trauma shears for nurses. It comes in black colour and its made with high-grade stainless steel. It’s handles are soft, comfortable to hold and operate. It’s contour-shaped body make it looks more beautiful. These feature of the North America rescue trauma scissors helps users to have maximum control over the scissors even when it’s wet.

This medical trauma shear is one of the few trauma shears build with safety and efficacy in mind. Being a tactical trauma shear, they help tactical health care providers get the work done tactically and rightly. 

The lower edge of this easy to handle emergency scissors is serrated such that it can quickly cut through tough and thick materials quickly, and it designed with a rounded tip that provides maximum safety for the patient during lifting and cutting through clothing. 


  • Strong durable stainless steel that is very sharpness
  • Lower edge that is serrated
  • Rounded tip for risk minimization
  • Easy to grip contoured handle


  • Made with quality stainless steel
  • Very sharp and easily cut through tough and thick materials
  • Very cheap


  • Is not that big

This amazing black tactical shear is one the best  for use in tactical shears or medical scissors made to help in easily tearing of cloth from casualties in emergency cases.

Consider The following Factors Before Placing Your Orders

The Sizes

Trauma shears or medical shears comes in different size. Some are small, some are of normal size and others are large. There are instances where people buy trauma shears and start giving bad feedback about the due, all this happens because buyers falls to pay attention the details description of the size of the scissors. To ensure you don’t fall a victim, do well to check the size of any of the trauma shears or emergency bandages scissors you like in the list above before placing your order.

Autoclave And Sterilisation

A few of trauma shears can not undergo autoclaving because their handles are made of plastic materials that can melt at a high temperature during autoclaving. However, such medical scissors can be sterilised with bleach solution after used. It’s there for important to know what type of shears or scissors you want. Do you want a type that can be autoclave or can only be sterilised? Make sure you answer this questions before jumping on any of our list above. Besides, any type that you want, we have made provisions for it in the list above.

The Materials

Good trauma shears are those that are made with non-brittle stainless steel. They are long lasting with very sharp blades. So make sure to read through the product description page to know the materials the trauma shear you want to buy is made of.

The Designs

You can not buy trauma shears without considering the designs. See to it that you are buying a trauma shear that have an offset metallic blade design and are serrated or semi serrated with a more long “lever arm” that bent at an angle of 130 to 150 degrees. Also, check to ensure that the tip of the scissors is blunt – this is for the safety of your patients.


Now that you have enough information in your hands, go ahead and click on any if the link above and place your order now.

If you have any questions or contributions regarding any of the trauma shears or medical bandage scissors we have listed here, please do well to reach out to us and we will be glad to respond to you.

Written by
Albright McHeals