6 Best Scrubs For Men

To be a professional male nurse and to be a smart-looking professional male nurse are two different things. For the first one, all you need to have is the academic qualifications, but for the second one, you need some smart-looking scrubs for men to give you that professional look. So, in this article, we are providing you with a review of some of the best scrubs for men that every male nurse must-have.

There are millions of scrub on the market for male nurses today but not all of them can be described as the best scrubs for male nurses. You need quality scrubs that are made with fabrics that contain the right proportion of polyester and cotton materials and are professionally designed with pockets situated at smart locations.

This is why if you must look professional and work smart as a nurse, you don’t have to go in for any type of scrub, you need some of the best fitting men’s scrubs; you need some of the most comfortable scrubs for men, and with all the quality stated above to enable you to put out the best of care for you patients.

So, our main objective in this article is to guide you find the best scrubs that will look good on you. Hence, we have provided a list of some of the best scrubs for male nurses.

However, you have to understand that not all scrub brand come with tops and paints. Majority of the scrub on the market today come with a pant but all the scrubs on our list featured a complete set of scrubs; both tops and matching pants, except the number four on the list: The Barco ONE Medical Scrub Top. So, you are assured of perfect matching top and down for work or your college classes if you decide to buy and of our recommendations.

Also, we have provided a buying guide to prevent you from making errors during your purchase. So, let’s begin to look at the list now.

Best Scrubs For Men

Our Top 6 Best Scrubs for Men

  1. Workwear Professionals Men’s Scrub Set
  2. Natural Uniform
  3. EL9915 Unisex Scrub Set
  4. Barco ONE Medical Scrub Top
  5. Dynamix Men’s Scrub Set
  6. Classy 3 Pocket Top Men Set

1. Workwear Professionals Men’s Scrub Set

Workwear Professionals Men's Scrub Set
Image credit: CHEROKEE

Workwear Professionals Men’s scrub set is a professionally designed scrub with V-shaped neck and four smart and neat-looking pockets on the shirt. The fabric material is made with a combination of cotton, polyester and spandex poplin. The polyester made up 63% of the fabric, cotton is 34% and spandex poplin is 3%

The V-Neck top of this scrub has four different pockets with loop for instrument including the back yoke and smart-looking side vents.

The men’s tapered leg pant is designed with five different pockets; two at front pockets, one at the back and 2 cargo pockets. The Workwear Professionals Men’s Scrub Set comes in different colours and different sizes. This means that whatever colour or size you want you will get it.

So with about nine functional pockets, the Workwear Professionals Men’s Scrub Set provides you with the space to carry every nursing essential you probably will like to carry on you while busily attention to your patients’ needs.


  • Nine pockets
  • V-shaped neck top
  • Different colours and different sizes
  • Very matching Top and down


  • Fashionable
  • Made of quality Fabric


  • A bit expensive compare to others

Workwear Professionals Men’s Scrub Set is one of the best scrubs for all tall men on the market for male nurse.  If you are a male nurse, a dentist, and doctor, a student nurse or a medical student then this is the best scrub for you. The matching pairs that come in all sizes and over 14 colours including the nine smart-looking pockets make this scrub a type you should consider buying. Waist no time, get it now because it’s running out of stock.

2. Natural Uniform

Natural Uniform
Image credit: Natural Uniforms

The natural uniform is multiple pockets professionally designed full V-shaped neck set of men’s scrubs with about eight pockets on both the top and pant. With three times reinforced unique quality seams and proper stitching, the natural uniform provides its buyers stylish and professional look. 

The fabric comprises of 65% of polyester and 35% cotton get soften with just one wash. The scrub  softens after a single wash this provides comfortable feeling when worn. Because of the quality and durability of the material of this scrub, it bright colourful Fabric that doesn’t fade even after several washing.

Out of the 8 smart-looking pockets, the shirt has 3 of them and the remaining five are on tapered legs scrub pant. Also is Side Slits with Set-In Sleeves including 2 Cargo Pockets. Also is a pocket reserve for your Phone. On the right leg is a pocket meant for Scissor. The natural uniform come in multiple colours and different sizes


  • Eight smart-looking pockets
  • V-shaped neck
  • Lightweight breathable fabric material


  • Very cheap
  • Made with quality and durable materials


  • Does not have waistband

If you are looking for most comfortable scrubs for men that is of quality but cheap, and is made with breathable fabric material that provides comfort all day, then you are at the right place. Also, to those of who are looking for white scrubs for me, we recommend the natural uniform for you.

3. EL9915 Unisex Scrub Set

EL9915 Unisex Scrub Set

The EL9915 Scrub Set is a unisex scrub ( for both male and female nurses) with V-shaped neck top that comes with a single pocket, including pen slot and side vent. The down – the unisex tapered pant comes with dyed to match drawstring and two pockets at the back.

The EL9915  Unisex scrub set is made with a high-quality lightweight fabric: that is Polyblend material that composed of 65% of polyester, 32% of Rayon and 3% of spandex. The material is very soft to touch, light in weight, very breathable and durable, and gives you a comfortable feeling when worn.

This set is very easy to wash with the ability to dry very quickly. The material doesn’t get squeeze easily at all. This unisex scrub set is ideal for all busy professional nurses and other health care professionals.


  • Full set of Top and pant scrub
  • One chest pocket and two back pockets
  • Pen slot
  • Polyblend fabric lightweight breathable material
  • Come in different colours and different sizes


  • Less expensive
  • Made with quality fabric material
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • Does not have enough pockets

If you are a type who prefer single pocket scrubs to those with multiple pockets, then The EL9915  Unisex scrub set may be the best option for you. It’s one of the best male uniform according to real time users.

4. Barco ONE Medical Scrub Top

Barco ONE Medical Scrub Top
Image credit: Barco

The Barco ONE Medical Scrub Top is designed with 5 main pockets and one hidden pocket. This scrub is a 4-way stretch men’s Top scrub with a binding reinforced V-shaped neck. It has a pocket on the chest and a perforated yoke at the back that provide you with coldness at all time.

On the main pocket of the Barco ONE Medical Scrub Top is a reverse pocket that is secure media zip, also is a cord for holding key and a patch pocket on the main pocket including a side pocket.

The Barco One Top scrub is made with high quality fabric that is very light in weight. This make the scrub highly breathable and Eco- friendly as it provides extra comfort by keeping you cool when the weather is hot.

The Barco One scrub shirt has anti-static property that is resistance to animals hair hence is one of the best scrub for male nurses working as veterinary officers.


  • Reinforced V-shaped neck
  • Secure zip media pocket
  • One hidden side pocket
  • Zip media pocket
  • Key holder loop
  • Different colours and different sizes


  • Made with high quality fabric
  • Very fashionable
  • Provide comfort when the weather is warn


  • Not full scrub so may not be ideal for those want full scrub set

For those who preferred single top scrubs to full set scrubs, we recommend the Barco scrub for you. This is also perfect for those who are working as veterinary nurses.

5. Dynamix Men’s Scrub Set

Dynamix Men's Scrub Set
Image credit: Dickies

This another high-quality male nurse outfit set of scrub made of a fabric material that contain 91% of polyester and 9% of spandex texture. The Dynamix men’s scrub is designed with a V-shaped neck top with three main pockets and the pant is a zip fly cargo type.

On the V-shaped neck top is a knit collar including chest patch pocket with pen slot. Also is two welt pockets on the front and on the side is a vents, and at back is a shoulder yoke.

The composition of fabrics material used to make this scrub provide the user with a lot of comfortable feeling during duty hours. It also contribute to the durability and the quality of the uniform. 


  • Breathable material full set of scrub
  • V-shaped neck Top
  • High quality fabric
  • Three main pockets on the shirt
  • Two back patch pockets


  • Numerous pocket to carry nurses essential like pen light
  • Made with quality fabric material


  • A bit expensive but it worth the price

This is the best alternative for Workwear Professionals Men’s Scrub.

6. Classy 3 Pocket Top Men Set

Classy 3 Pocket Top Men Set
Image credit: Reina

 The Classy 3 Pocket top Men Set is a V-neck regular fit full scrub set that is made with a durable, non-wrinkle fabric– 65% of microfiber and 35% of rayon.

The V-shaped neck shirt has three pockets. The set includes elastic drawstring pants with zipper closure.


  • V-shaped neck shirt
  • Three top pockets
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Regular fit


  • Very neat and fashionable
  • Material is of quality


  • Does not have more colour options

For slim fitting scrubs and scrubs for short guys with sturdy material and comfort, go for Classy 3 Pocket top Men Set. It nice and smart-looking.

What to Consider Before Entering Your Credit Card Details

  1. Quality, Comfort Of The Scrub

You want to buy one of the best male scrubs that is made with very durable and high-quality materials and as well with a material that can provide you comfortable feeling when you wear it. One way to ensure you is buying a scrub with the needed qualities is to check the material used to make the scrub in the product description area.

Scrub suits made with Fabric with about 60 percent plus polyester and 30 percent plus of cotton are already of high quality. That’s why most of the scrub on our list are made with fabrics that contains 60 percent plus of polyester and 30 percent plus of cotton.

  1. Size And Fitness Of The Scrub

Most of the time people buy scrub from Amazon and later complain of the size being too large or too small for them. It’s therefore, important that you cross-check the size of the scrub before placing your order to avoid such situations.

You have to first know your size or the type of scrub that suit you. Is your type regular fit, Tall, Slim, loose Plus or athletic. Answering these questions will help you to purchase a scrub size or type that will well fit on you and give you that smart professional look.

  1. The Functionality Of The Scrub

I’m sure you have already noticed that not all scrubs are designed the same way. Some are designed with as many as 8 to 9 pockets to help you carry as many nursing essential you would like to carry on you while others are designed with a pocket or two, some with zip pocket, some with key holder, etc.

So, what functionality do you want your scrub to have? The functionality you want I’m pretty sure you will find a scrub on our list that will provide it for you.

With all these information and guide in front of you, you can now go ahead and shop the type of scrub that suit your needs.

Written by
Albright McHeals