In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the best planners for nursing students. You might have heard that nursing is a rewarding profession, which is true but another truth is that nursing school is no joke. It’s very challenging, time-consuming and very stressful. So if you are planning to go to nursing school or you’re already a nursing student, then you need one of the best planners for nursing students.

I must be honest with you, nursing is a great career, but nursing school is crazily difficult. One major challenge that many nursing students face is their inability to organise and manage their time properly. These are challenges that even the most motivated students failed to overcome. 

However, a study reveals that a student planner can help students greatly when it comes to planning, organising, proper time management, stress reduction and, above all, excellent academic success.

This is great news for student nurse as they have huge textbooks like anatomy and physiology, basic nursing and many others other books to read within a short period. So, as a student nurse, you need to have some of the best planners for nursing students to enable you to plan, organize and manage your time efficiently for your nursing school goal without being burn out.  

Therefore, one of the things you need for nursing school is a nursing student planner. You need to have it in your nursing school checklist because it will help you cut off the stress and burn out due to improper planning and organisation. 

That said, we will be sharing with you five (5) best nursing student planners you should add to the things to buy for nursing school.

Best Planners For Nursing Students

The Best Planners For Nursing Schools

When it comes to the things every nursing student should have or nursing school essentials, a nursing planner is one of them. But you have to figure out the features or the makeup of planners to be clear on the one that is perfect for you to buy. So let’s take a detailed look at the descriptions and the features of our recommendations.

1. Spark Point Nursing Student Planner

Spark Point Nursing Student Planner
Image credit: Spark Point Publishing

The Spark Point Nursing Student Planner is the first on our list of the best planner for nursing students. It’s a great planner that is designed for nursing students. This planner is not only designed for students but also for teachers and people who are not in the academic field.

The planner has an excellent turquoise floral design and an 8×10 matte cover. It has very high-quality sheets with  177 pages which includes the introduction page.

The calendar pages of this planner are inspirational quotes to keep you motivated achieve to achieve academic success. It also displays all holidays every month.

According to the Spark Point Nursing Student Planner, they use feedback from real-time users of this planner to improve the quality of this planner for nursing and other academic staffs.

The beautiful thing about this nursing planner is it has been upgraded with new pages and sections, this includes Study tracker, Goals section, Assignment tracker, Grade tracker, Vision board, Lab values Cheat sheet and many more. All these features make this planner a must-have for nursing schools and students.


  • Study tracker
  • Goals section
  • Assignment tracker
  • Grade tracker, Vision board
  • Lab values cheat sheet
  • Excellent turquoise floral design


  • High-quality and updated
  • Very affordable
  • Very Durable
  • A lot of pages and sections


  • Cannot be used as a pocket planner

If you want well-structured planner for nursing students that big but cute and have a lot space, and is packed with study tracker, goals section, assignment tracker, grade tracker, vision board, lab values cheat sheet and many more then, this is the best planner for you. 

Now, engage the amazon button below to make your purchase.

2. Journaltastic Planner

Journaltastic Planner
Image credit: Journaltastic

The Journaltastic is the number two on our list of the best planner for nursing students. The planner is a well designed daily, weekly and monthly planner with a nice-looking blooming flower design on the cover. The Journaltastic Planner is also the largest planner on our list with a size of 9.7 x 7.8 x 0.2 inch.

This student planner comes with a “to-do” list and on each page of this planner are marked tabs for easy planning and tracking. Both halves of the 9.7 x7.8×0.2 size planner is held firmly with strong metallic Twin-Wire Binding that allows you to open the covers at 360°. On the inside are 2 Contacts Pages, a two-year Calendar from 2021-2023 with holidays figure out for each year.

This two years planner is designed to keep students on track by keeping their assignments and tasks prioritized and enable you to achieve your set academic goals smoothly.

With the monthly view pages, you will be able to organise, set your goals and track them easily. The edges of the covers are blind and round-shaped to protect your fingers from being hurt.

The “to-do” list help student to improve their time management skill through planning and setting clear achievable goals.


  • Metal firmly twin-wire binding
  • Marked tabs on every page
  • “To-do” List & Notes
  • 2021-2023 holidays
  • 2 contacts pages


  • Spacious daily calendar to help you keep track of life
  • Very simple and nice-looking
  • Very affordable


  • The sheets are tin

3. STYLIO APEX Planner

Image credit: Stylio

Stylio Apex Planner is another classic planner that is not specifically for nursing students but is a great planner every nursing students must have as part of their nursing schools essentials. This planner comes with a monthly calendar structure that gives you a smart overview of the month to enable you to plan, set goals and keep track of your objectives.

The planner comes with a daily, weekly overview for daily and weekly schedules; assignments and clinical meetings. With this planner, you will be able to write down your daily goals and objectives and review them on a daily and weekly basis.

 The planner comes with a beautiful layout that creates room for students to draw their schedules and manage their time efficiently.

The planner is designed with 3 amazing bookmark that separates days, weeks, months and pages. Included is a stack of Post-it notepad with tabs to keep students on track.

To keep you up and zealous, the planner comes with inspiring quotes to push you through your set goals.

To make jotting of your schedules very fast and easy without looking for a pen, each STYLIO APEX Planner you buy comes with a free Prestige Pen and a strap that acts as a pen holder and also helps keep the book from opening on its own when it’s inside your bag.

At the back of the planner is an inner pocket to house items like money, receipts, or even pictures. 

This amazing planner comes in a beautiful gift box.


  • Monthly Calendar View
  • Gridded Notes Pages
  • Stylio Premium Pen


  • High-quality planner
  • Very stylish and fashionable
  • Very affordable


  • Doesn’t have enough pages compare you to others

This planner is well structured to help you get started with the end in mind, setting short term and long goals and breaking them down into actionable daily, weekly monthly plans.

If you are looking for a planner that is power-packed with great tools to help you manage your time efficiently for your academic success, then give the STYLIO APEX Planner a try.

4. Coboll Pocket Planner

Coboll Pocket Planner
Image credit: Coboll

 The Coboll Pocket Planner is a very well designed organised pocket planner designed with daily weekly and monthly Calendar that covers Jan 2021 – Dec 2021. It’s 6.3 in x 3.8 in and a very simple Inner Pocket

This well-structured planner comes with a pen holder to keep your pen secure,  62 sheets and 124 note pages in all. So the planner has enough pages for you to jot note while you pen down your schedule. To be keep the planner close at time is an elastic strap.

When it comes to planning and referencing, this pocket planner comes with reference calendars that make it more for you to plan and manage your time.


  • Premium paper to avoid ink through
  • 62 sheets with 124 pages
  • Pen holder
  • Rounded corner
  • Elastic strap for closing the planner
  • Thick paper Hard and cover
  • Expandable inner pocket


  • Very compact size and simple to carry in your pocket
  • Made with quality materials
  • Not expensive; very affordable
  • Have more pages and writing space


  • Is not large, so if you want something big don’t buy this

This the best lightweight design pocket planner that you can carry on you to everywhere. Aside from writing down your plans and schedules, you have more space to jot down your next adventure in this small but spacious pocket planner. It’s a perfect pocket-size planner for students. They modify it slightly each year making it a little better.

5. Trees Academic Planner

Trees Academic Planner
Image credit: TREES

 The Trees Academic Planner is a scientifically designed one year planner that covers the whole of 2021 from January 2021to December 2022. It high-quality polyvinyl chloride material made it one of the best planner for nursing students on our list.

The cover of the planner is made with thick polyvinyl chloride that is waterproof. Both halves of the cover are bound with a strong wire spiral, the waterproof covers protect the inside and outside of the planner from being damaged by water. 

On the inside of the planner is an overview of the 2021 calendar, a portion for festival and holidays and a place to pen down your set goals. Unlike other complicated planners, this academic planner is very simple and well defined.

Also, the thick paper paged serves as a protection against bleed-through with markers. On each page is a mini-calendar for all the months.


  • Sturdy cover – PVC cover
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and waterproof to protect all the pages inside


  • The great planner made with quality material
  • Less expensive
  • Very large and provide more space


  • Does not come with a pen nor a pen holder

Trees Academic Planner is a great planner you should consider buying. It’s beautifully designed with an eye-catching black cover and bind together with strong metallic spring. Buying this planner means you are buying a planner with many useful pages.

Consider This Factors When Buying A Planner

You have to consider a few factors when you want to buy or choose a planner for nursing school. This factors greatly depends on the right planner for you, however,  the right planner for you will also depend greatly on your organization and planning style.

So, before you buy a planner, you ask yourself;

Does this planner have what it takes to keep my daily, weekly and monthly schedules well organised to enable you to manage your time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

Can the planner help me to track  my grade,  study, upcoming quizzes, assignments and exams? What of organisation of class materials, setting goals and feeling fulfilled when you accomplish them?

The best planners should answer “Yes” to almost all the above questions. And you should also learn to personalise your planner to meet your needs.

Final Words

When it comes to the best planners for nursing students, our top 2 picks. Spark Point Nursing Student Planner – a great academic planner with study tracker, goals section, assignment tracker, grade tracker, Lab values cheat sheet and with excellent turquoise floral design. Journaltastic planner – a great planner that comes with “to do” list to help student improve your time management skill. These planners are the best because they have all the qualities and the features you need to sail through your nursing school smoothly.

Written by
Albright McHeals