6 Best Nurse Clipboard With Storage

Unlike the days of Florence Nightingale where nursing is almost hundred percent practical work, today, the nursing profession is 50% administrative work and 50% practical. This means that as nurses we perform a lot of paper, filing or documentation related stuff.

Hence these papers, files and documents have to be well organised to keep our clinical setting from looking messing. Nurses’ clipboards with storage have been seen as the best tools to get the work done. So, in the article, we will be providing you with the best nurse’s clipboard with storage.

Overview Of Clipboards

Nurses Clipboard with Storage

There are different types of clipboards on the market today. The basic ones come with a board and a strong metal clip. There is also a type of clipboard that is meant to provide more functions other than just securing papers in position.

Also is the dry erase clipboard which is designed with clips to secure papers in position. This comes with a board that can be written on without paper. It’s largely used in academic settings

One of the most popular clipboard is a type that comes with a calculator and a timer. This type is largely used by employers and students. The calculator makes it possible for most students to do simple calculations.

Another type is storage clipboard. This is the type this article will be tailor around. The storage clipboard is often helpful in many hospital settings. Many health professionals: doctors, nurses, medical students and nursing students use it every day. The storage clipboard is designed with a  body and a storage space to store papers, files and documents of various form. The body of most of this type of clipboards have a front flap with a storage chamber,  this gives the boards a notebook-like appearance.

This type of clipboards varies in functionality and are made with different types of materials like metals hence are very durable. Other are made with plastic materials that are resistant to cracking.

The storage clipboard is given various names like the folding clipboards, the medical clipboards, the nurses’ clipboard, etc. in health settings.

These clipboards are multifunctional and do not differ much in functionality. You can easily buy these clipboards online. But since many on the market are not durable, you have to smart to be able to identify those that are of quality and are durable. To lift up that burden on you, we have decided to make a list of some of the best storage clipboards for you.

So, if you a nurse or nursing students and you are looking for a nursing clipboard with storage or a nursing clipboard with storage and calculator or a nursing clipboard cheat sheet that can help you stay organized in the clinical setting, then, take a look at our best nurses clipboard with storage below.

6 Best Nursing Clipboard With Storage

If you are in haste and just want to make it snappy, then you can just go ahead and pick any of the six listed clipboards below, otherwise, you can take your time and read the whole review to enable you make a final decision.

  1. Tribe RN Clipboard
  2. Storage Plastic Clipboard
  3. Officemate Clipboard
  4. Warrior Nursing Clipboard
  5. ISO Clipboard
  6. Sunnyclip Clipboard With Calculator

1. Tribe RN Clipboard

Tribe RN Clipboard
Image credit: Tribe RN

Tribe RN clipboard is manufactured by one of the most trusted and well-known name in the industry of producing clipboards for nurses. Being designed by nurses for nurses, the Tribe RN clipboard comes with one storage chamber and a colour-coded clinical cheat sheet. The cheat sheet that comes with the Tribe RN nurses clipboard gives you quick access to very vital information every nurse need.

Available to Tribe RN customers is an online library that house free downloadable resources to help them prepare for NCLEX.


  • Colour-coded cheat sheet
  • Large storage chamber
  • Digital resource library


  • Very affordable
  • Very spacious
  • Very durable


  • Designed only for nurses
  • Reference sheet is not removable

With the easy-to-read useful information provided by the Tribe RN clipboard, it is by far the best nurses clipboard with storage space for clinical for nursing student. It has a compartment and slot to hold pens, for paper storage including phone and a card wallet. Provided at the back of this clipboard is an excellent and easy to read references with useful information for all nurses. I’m a real-time user of this clipboard so I know what I’m saying. You will not regret buying this clipboard, it’s one of the best for nurses and nursing students.

2. Storage Plastic Clipboard

Storage Plastic Clipboard
Image credit: Puchin

Storage Plastic Clipboard is one of the best affordable foldable clipboards for nurses, nursing students including teachers. It comes with office professional size of (9.5″ x 13.5″). It’s made of a high quality recycled aluminium material with a board that looks bright and very vibrant with a very spacious storage compartment.

This clipboard comes with an elastic clip for easy gripping and extraction of paper, a groove for pen, a safety buckle, better cover, a hole that enables hanging on the wall. The foldable clipboard is very light in weight and has a smooth writing surface like the warrior nursing clipboard.


  • Solid colourful clipboard
  • Smooth writing surface
  • Elastic clip
  • Groove for pen
  • A hole for hanging


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to carry around
  • Made with quality materials


  • Does not have much storage space

For a foldable nursing clipboard that will fit all of your papers and keeps them secure for you, look nowhere. It looks very adorable, neat and of quality.

3. Officemate Clipboard

Officemate Clipboard
Image credit: Officemate

The Officemate clipboard is a well-designed slim body clipboard with a storage chamber and it purple. It’s largely used by nurses and nursing students for storing papers, files and documents. The slim nature of this clipboard makes it easy for users to easily put it in their backpack or handbags, making it a perfect nursing clipboard for  keeping clinical paperwork’s well organized.


  • Slim body to fit into all backpack and handbags
  • A strong profile clip
  • Has a spacious storage chamber for papers, forms, and notepads
  • Have Separate external storage compartment for pens and pencils


  • Very cheap
  • Very ergonomic
  • Very durable, lightweight and versatile
  • Keep dirt and water from splashing on documents


  • Maybe that big for some

If you are looking for an ergonomic and affordable storage clipboard for nurses, this may be for you. Check it out.

4. Warrior Nursing Clipboard

Image credit: Bedside Warrior

Warrior Nursing Clipboard is One of the best foldable nursing clipboard professionally designed with Storage space to help the nurse to easily organised their patients care plan materials and the countless administrative documentation in the hospital. In the interior of this clipboard are well-built pockets for keeping of patient files and frequently used forms. This medical clipboard has a very strong smooth board or surface that is stable and comfortable for writing or taking note during ward rounds.

Nothing can be further from the truth that  Warrior clipboard is made of tough, durable 2mm plastic material and a well-fitting metallic spring clip at the top. This metallic spring clip is designed to withstand continuous opening and closing. To keep the content of this clipboard secured is a sturdy plastic snap lock.


  • In-built storage compartments
  • Full-size pocket nurses clipboard
  • Smooth strong comfortable surface for writing
  • Strong sturdy plastic snap lock
  • Metallic spring clip


  • Made of a durable plastic material
  • Very modern
  • Can store a lot of items
  • Very agronomic


  • Doesn’t have a timer nor calculator

For a personalised nursing clipboard or the best pocket clipboard for nurses and students nurses, this warrior clipboard is one of the best design you have to consider.

5. ISO Clipboard

ISO Clipboard
Image credit: The Clipboard Shop

The ISO clipboard is our number one folding clipboard and its the customised clipboard use by a facility where I used to work as a nurse 2 years ago. Nothing can be further from the truth that, this fold in half clipboard is a one-of-a-kind that is well designed with aluminium material with very light weight, and come in nice-looking purple colour

This folding clipboard is designed to serve as a solid surface for writing and can be easily used to enclose document by folding in half of the board. Folding half of the board create a storage room for easy storage and carrying of patient’s files and documents. When folded, the storage space form is enough to store or contain a lot of files and documents with squeezing them.


  • Standard size half foldable clipboard
  • Light in weight with aluminium make up
  • Can perfectly hold A4 – Sheet size of papers
  • Very compact strong body made of aluminium
  • Enough space to hold up to 30 plus A4-Sheet papers


  • Made with quality durable material
  • Can hold a lot of paper with squeezing them
  • Very spacious
  • Very affordable


  • Have no multiple compartments

When it comes to simple nice-looking half foldable nurses clipboard with enough of storage single compartment, this is by far the best to lay your hands on.

6. Sunnyclip Clipboard With Calculator

Sunnyclip Clipboard With Calculator
Image credit: Sunnyclip

Sunnyclip Clipboard With Calculator is a  Plastic Storage Clipboard with a very large storage place or compartment that come with a handle and can store as many as 200 papers. The strong firm smooth board of this clipboard serve as a writing surface. The calculator is solar-powered. This clipboard is ideal for students nurses to help them time themselves when learn or studying, especially for exams. It’s also largely used by coaches and contractors.


  • Very spacious storage compartment
  • Smart working calculator
  • A very firm handle
  • Body made of durable plastic material


  • Very durable
  • Less expensive


  • A bit bulky

Look for one of Amazon’s best selling  nursing clipboard with calculator and at the same time have very large storage space? Then, choose Sunnyclip Clipboard With Calculator because it has so much room for storage on the inside with super calculator.

Buying Guidelines For Clipboard For Nurses

  • Storage Capacity

You can’t buy a nurses storage clipboard with considering its storage capacity. Normal clipboards are flat with no storage space or compartment, but when it comes to storage clipboards, there are many on the market with different storage capacity. You, therefore, have to ask yourself, “what is storage space of the storage clipboard I want?” Answering this question will help you decide on the type of clipboard to go for.

  • The Design

One of the important factor to consider when buying a clipboard is the design of the clipboard.

Do I want foldable clipboard or non-foldable? What about clipboard with a handle? Do I want a clipboard with a calculator, multiple chambers/compartments? Do I want a clipboard with a pen slot? flat or bulky clipboard? You should know what kind of design you want.

  • The Sturdiness Of Clipboard.

No nurse would want to buy a clipboard that will scatter in no time. You don’t want to throw your hard-earned money away on any white elephant: expensive but useless clipboard. So, do well to find out what materials are used to manufacture the clipboard you are about to buy. Is the material of quality? Usually, clipboards that are made with aluminium and plastic materials are very compact, durable and are of high quality. You can find one in list above.

  • Provision of Security 

Your parents’ documents and file have to be secure. You don’t want to buy a clipboard that can just loss and open on it own, exposing your clients’ documents. Remember that the privacy of your patients is key so try to ensure that HIPAA rules and regulations regarding how to store or keep parents document are met. So, go in for a clipboard that can provide full security for the document of your patients.

  • The Price 

In as much as you want to buy a clipboard that is quality and durable, you don’t want to pay for an overprice clipboard. There are a lot of sellers of Amazon who overpriced their clipboard. For example, you will see two sellers selling the same clipboard at different prices. Beware! Anyway, we have made available sellers with the best price for you in the list above so you have nothing to worry about.

Final Conclusion

There are many different types and brands of clipboards on the market that are well fit for health professionals. If you can lay your hand on the right one, it will make your work very easy for you in term of organisation of your patients’ file or documents. All the clipboard we listed above are some the best nurses’ clipboard with storage you should fall on provided you want to own a clipboard.

You can now scroll up and make your choice.


Written by
Albright McHeals