5 Best Gifts For Nursing Students

Let me shake your hands and welcome you to our guide on how to find the best gifts for nursing students. At Nightingale Knows, we know how tedious it is when it comes to finding great gifts for nursing students, especially when it is concerned with celebrating a student nurse on his or her graduation day.

This is why we have put together this amazing guide for you. In this guide, we have provided you with some great gift ideas for nursing school graduates. So if you are looking for graduation presents for nursing students or gift ideas for nursing school graduates, then you have come to the right place. 

But Why Gifts?

Best Gifts For Nursing Students

Gifts are symbols of expressing happiness towards someone, they are used as a means of celebrating someone for an achievement. Gifts tell the recipients how important they are to the givers. For example, if the gift is a retirement gift or college graduation gift, it makes them feel fulfilled for being recognised for their works or achievements

And if you will agree with me, one of the few people we have to take time off to celebrate and shower with gifts are nurses, especially the ones who put their life on the line to protect ours in the ongoing crazy Coronavirus pandemic, including the student nurses who have burned the middle night candle for years to become successful graduate nurses and are about to join the working force.

Making these people feel special and celebrated is something we all have to do from time to time because it tells them we think about them. While these people may feel good, you the giver will also feel self-gratified for doing the giving. 

So if you are looking for unique gifts for nursing graduates or gift ideas for graduating nursing students or nurses in general, then we recommend that you go through our list of 5 unique graduation gifts for nurses. However, If you’re looking for retirement gifts for the special retired nurse in your life instead of graduation gifts for student nurses, we still got your back with the 7 best nursing retirement gifts.

A Detailed Information About The 5 Unique Gifts For Nursing Graduates

We all know that there is shortage of nurses all over the world, the arrival of the deadly global covid-19 pandemic have worsened the situation as some nurses resigned and some lost their lives. Yet some of our brothers and sisters have gathered the courage to still pursue nursing just put their lives on the line to protect ours. The best way to say thank you to these graduate nurses is to present them with graduation presents. 

Luckily for you, we have done all the tedious parts of the job by watching out the best graduation presents for nursing students with their detailed description below. So there’s no room for excuse, just go through the detailed description of our recommendations below and pick your favourite for that special graduate nurse or student nurse.

1. Body & Earth Spa Gift Baskets for Women

Body & Earth Spa Gift Baskets for Women
Image credit: BODY & EARTH

Thinking of getting gift baskets as nurses graduation gifts for your daughter or a friend but get stuck on the way? Don’t worry! As we have promised from the beginning of this article, we have got you covered. So if this is you, then The Body & Earth Spa Gift Baskets for Women is the best gift basket to present to her on that special day. 

Why Is The Body & Earth Spa Gift Baskets for Women A Great Gift?

You know that taking a cold or warm bath is a great way to get the body refresh and relax after a stressful day, right? You are also aware that nursing is an exhausting professional, right? Good! 

He graduation means she is about to step into the blood-sucking nursing profession officially. This also means that she is going to be married to stress. Hence she will need some great spa after the day’s hard work.

And The Body & Earth Spa Gift Basket make it easy as it comes with an amazing set of Spa sets like the Bubble Bath, the Shower Gel, the Bath Bombs, the Body Lotion, the Hand Cream, the Bath Salts and many of products.

This set of fragrant and body pampering products help rejuvenate stressful skin, adipose tissue and muscles including joints, make them smooth and refreshing.

The Bubble bath is made of some plant elements that easily stimulate the skin, tissues and muscles. This help to eliminate fatigue and promote recovery. The body wash keep the skin clean and healthy.

The Moisturizing Hand Cream keeps the hands rejuvenated to become very soft and smooth. The bath bomb is rich in mineral oil including Glycerin for healing dry, cracked skin. The bath salt also contains iron, selenium, magnesium, calcium which help in deep cleaning the skin, relieve pressure and aid in metabolism.

With sweet-scented Rosewater and Lavender, The Body & Earth Spa Gift Basket is made to put that stressful nurse in a state of bliss and relaxation after a stressful day. Been made from natural products, it’s good for all types of skin, and this makes this gift basket a perfect nursing school graduation gift for her.

This gift basket have 4.8-star customers’ rating. It’s very affordable so hurry and get it for her before it runs out of stock.

2. Scrub Wine Bag for Nurses

Scrub Wine Bag for Nurses
Image credit: Medinava

Most of the time we celebrate the success of our loved ones by giving them decorated bottles of wines. This means that after buying the wines and the champagnes you have to look for bottle decorating materials. But wait a minute if the recipient of your gift is a nurse or health care professional because the Medinava’s Scrub Wine Bag for Nurses is all you need.

With this amazing Scrub Wine Bag for Nurses, you don’t have to waste time looking for wine bottle decorating materials to decorate your gift.

What Make Scrub Wine Bag for Nurses Perfect Gift Bag?

For a gift for nursing school graduates, this pink scrub bag will make your gift stand out as one of the greatest gifts for nursing graduates, including nurse practitioners because it is not just a gift bag. It comes with some Great Nursing Accessories like the springe, the stethoscope, the otoscope, etc. 

Designed to fit around your wines and champagne bottles, the Scrub Wine Bag for Nurses is a must-have to make your wine and champagne gift look supper. The Nursing Accessories together with the gift bag including the wines will make your gift an extraordinary one.

It’s one of the best selling wine and champagne gifts packaging bag for nurses with 5 stars reviews on Amazon, and it’s very cheap.

3. Trunab Nurse Bag and Tote

Trunab Nurse Bag and Tote
Image credit: Trunab

One great gift to surprise a student nurse with is student nurse bags, yes. It’s one of the things every nursing student must have, and it must be the one that is well-designed with enough space and multiple pockets.

There are many such bags out in the market and sorting out the best among them is always a difficult task. But as usual, my team and I at Nightingale Knows have done the dirty work to bring to you the best recommendations, the Trunab Nurse Bag and Tote – which come totes for nursing students. 

What Make The Trunab Nurse Bag and Tote A Perfect Gift?

The Trunab Nurse Bag and Tote cones with several slots for some great nursing accessories like a pen, stethoscope, clipboard etc. It also has a padded compartment for a laptop including an iPad and phone.

With 5 mesh pockets, the bag will keep your dairy, notebooks in good order. There are also additional two pockets for collapsible umbrellas, water bottles and hand sanitizer.

The exterior which is designed with 6 pockets can be loaded with more items that the students nurse will like to have quick access to.

Wait a minute, I nearly forget to tell you about the main large compartment. This compartment has a very spacious room to accommodate everything a student would have to carry on her on daily basis including student nurse kit.

Designed with Zip-top, it ensures that everything in it is protected from falling out.

Get one of this well-stitched, lightweight, easy to carry, durable and spacious bags as a gift for that female nurse or student nurse. She will forever remain thankful to you.

4. HDLTE Female Nurse In Progress T-shirt

HDLTE Female Nurse In Progress T-shirt
Image credit: HDLTE

So your daughter or your female friend got admitted to the college to study nursing and you want to get some funny but cute gift for her, a gift that will tell the world is an upcoming nurse. But you found yourself wanting, you just don’t know what exactly to get for her. Wait a minute and stop cracking your head because we still have some special gifts to recommend for you; The HDLTE Female Nurse In Progress, AKA the Please Wait T-shirt 

What Make The HDLTE Female ‘Nurse In Progress T-shirt’ A Great Gift For Nursing Students?

It’s made of high-quality cotton blended; 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the shirt is very soft, a bit elastic, breathable skin-friendly and also provides a great comfortable feeling to the wearer.

It’s not only a very soft and beautifully made t-shirt but it’s also designed with a great message to the world about the one wearing it. That’s it tells the world that she is a nurse in the making, a new nursing student, a future nurse. 

My next-door neighbour got one for her daughter before the covid-19 pandemic. It looks amazing on her and she wears it often because she says it tells the world that she a future nurse. 

There are numerous good gifts for nursing students, but if you are looking for a funny nursing students t-shirt to give to a student nurse, then The HDLTE Female Nurse In Progress T-shirt is the best option when it comes to gifts for new nursing students. It’s one of the best funny nursing student shirts you can present as a gift to a new student nurse.

Caution:  Wash using a gentle washing method, hand washing will be ideal. You should also avoid washing with hot water.

5. The Nurses Graduation Party Banner

Nurses Graduation Party Banner
Image credit: Sumind

There are tens of thousands of items out there to present as gifts to registered nurse graduates. But what about organising a small graduation party for him or her? That sound be great, right? Good! Now that you like my idea, let’s dive in.

For a small graduation party, you have to make it a bit flashy. How do you do that? By the use of the amazing Nurses Graduation Party Banner above. The graduation party banner is made of high-quality, lightweight, non-reflective fabric. The quality of the fabric makes the banner very durable and reusable. It’s washable and tear-resistant

What Make The Nurses Graduation Party Banner Ideal For Parties?

The elegant backdrop graduation party banner and its eye-catching gold and red colour design are just outstanding to make a graduation party a memorable one. 

With the beautiful gold wording, ‘Congrats Nurse’ at the top centre including images of nurse cap, balloon, springe, red heart, capsule etc, this elegant party banner will create unforgettable memories for that special nurse about you celebrate his or her on becoming a professional nurse.

With a size of 185 x 110 cm/ 72.8 x 43.3 inches, the banner is large enough for party background decorations and also for taking photographs at the party.

For beautiful nursing school graduation decorations, this banner can not be left out. So, get one of these beautifully designed ‘Congrats Nurse’ backdrop party banners today to add extra touch and excitement to that nurse graduation party.

What To Look At For When Buying Gift For Nursing Graduates

There are few things to consider when buying a gift for graduate nurses. Number one is the gender of the person and the type of gift. Is the gift for a male nurse graduates or for a female? 

Number two is the price and quality of the gift. There are range of gift baskets and parcels on the market today. The quality of some of them are poor, it’s therefore important to ensure that the gift you are buying is of quality by checking the reviews of customers.

About pricing, sometimes two or more vendors sells the same gift item at different prices. Compare price to ensure that you don’t overpay for a gift package or item.

The good news is that, we have consider all these factors before picking the items we have listed above so you have nothing to worry about.

Final Words

All the above personalized gifts for nursing graduates are great, however, if you want to present her with a nursing student care package or body care package, then it will be ideal to go for the Body & Earth Spa Gift Baskets for Women. For a gift that will tell the world she is an upcoming nurse, get her the HDLTE Female Nurse In Progress. For a gift that will help her carry the needed daily nursing accessories on her, get her the Trunab Nurse Bag and Tote. 

For male nurse graduation gifts, you might want to get him some wine and decorate it with the Scrub Wine Bag for Nurses. But if you want to make it more fun, then a small party with the Nurses Graduation Party Banner won’t be bad at all.

Written by
Albright McHeals